Thank God It’s Friday

I must admit, I look forward to some “weekends off” more than others.

I’m looking forward to this one…

I made myself laugh a few minutes ago when – I’m embarrassed to admit – I actually said, like, out loud, to a co-worker, “Thank God it’s Friday.”

Which made me think about the now-classic cult film of the same title from 1978,

thank-god-its-friday-donna-summerwhich made me start singing the disco classic from Love & Kisses, Thank God it’s Friday – hear it HERE.  It also reminded me of Donna Summer (goddess!) and how much, probably more than almost any other song, ever – “Last Dance” impacted my life…


To enjoy Last Dance – and watch the seminal scene from the movie that made it famous (at least with straight people, LOL!) – please click HERE. Whenever I hear this song, I smile from ear-to-ear and am a 20-year-old gay boy again.

TGIF! Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!

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