Lady Gaga? WTF?

While I am not, technically, a “Little Monster,” I have LOVED Lady Gaga since the beginning. I remember seeing a video clip of Lady Gaga performing at some club on the Perez Hilton blog what seems like years ago. I remember thinking, “Wow. That woman is talented. She is surely crazy, but crazy talented.” I was hooked…

I have watched Gaga explode into/onto the world, becoming not only a musician to be reckoned with but also a non-stop visual feast. She is a fashion icon. She is always a head-turner, sometimes as a fashion vision, sometimes as a fashion nightmare. She is a living, breathing work of art. And, like art, not everybody is gonna’ like everything.

So sorry, Little Monsters, I do not like the latest Gaga incarnation. I’m not sure how this beautiful, talented artist, a woman that started sorta’ like this –

Glamorous Gagaand periodically entered into almost otherworldly, non-human personas like this –

Rainbow Gagaand most recently became the face of one of, if not THE, most glamorous fashion houses on the planet – Versace –

Lady-gaga-versace-adcan somehow appear at SXSW (the South by Southwest music festival) and – after a song about rape, during which a “vomit artist” regurgitated lime green and inky black goo on Lady Gaga –  my former “goddess” looked like this –

Lady-Gaga-VomitCovered in stomach acid, vile liquid goo and sweat, Gaga mounted a giant bucking mechanical pig wearing a ball gag – the pig not Gaga – and simulated lesbian sex with Millie (the gal that had just puked on her). It was not pretty… Or inspiring… Or even “conceptual.”

It was gross, it was sophomoric and it came across as manic and desperate.

Sorry, Lady Gaga – I still love ya, babe, but that performance made you look like some sort of insane, drug-and-alcohol-addled college co-ed on a spring break gone bad. Way bad. I also thought your dancers spraying the audience with beer from shaken up “40’s” was super-classy as well. I had actually looked forward to seeing your “intimate performance” at SXSW. Instead, I saw a great artist performing in intimate apparel.

I am no prude, nor am I some old, squeamish fuddy-duddy but really, LG – get it together, please. If not for your own sake, for your fans. Please never make us want to turn in our Little Monster membership cards. We’d be sad…

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