Help Me Decide?

I must confess – as a professional interior designer, I hear ONE question/comment more often than any other: “I don’t know. Please, help me decide…” I mean, that is definitely part of my job (helping you decide) but I sometimes wonder why I give clients any options at all, if they are simply going to tell me, “You decide.” I’m flattered, but c’mon…

runesWhen the question is something as simple as, “Which do you like better, the green fabric or the blue fabric?” you MUST have some preference, some small attraction to one color more than the other. I’m not asking you to decide FOREVER between two colors; I am merely asking you which one of the colors innately appeals to you more. It’s OK to like one more than the other.

I did not “create” color – I merely present them. So don’t worry about “my feelings” or my “ego.” In my role as designer, I like to think of myself as a facilitator rather than a dictator. My job is to help you create the interior YOU want and will love, not the one I will want and love. Make sense?

Ouija BoardMaybe it’s arrogant for me to suggest that I have some more developed level of taste, or a more innate sense of style – fact is, I do. I am formally-educated in the discipline of design and have nearly three decades of experience working in the field.  That isn’t to say, however, that you don’t have any taste or any style. For me, it’s like this – I can ballroom dance, but I will never be on Dancin’ With The Stars. Those guys do that (dance) for a living. I respect their training, their talent and their commitment to their craft. That said, if they asked me if I wanted to do a Quick Step routine or an Argentinian Tango, I’d be able to pick one (the tango, for God’s sake, the tango!)

small-crystal-ball3So please, everyone – work WITH me. Be my design dance partner. Tell me what you want. I always joke that I am an “evil” interior designer, the “Crusher of Dreams.” If you ask for the impossible, I have no problem telling you that. However, when you ask for nothing, you are actually short-changing yourself. I will take the one or two crumbs I can get from you and create an interior I think you will like. Most of the time, I am pretty successful at it. But just imagine how much greater it (your space) could/would be if we combine my talent and skills with your wants, hopes and desires. Tell me what you want, what you like, what you wish for. THAT is when the design magic happens. Let’s begin the dance.

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