Three Day Holiday

So, Martin and I have the privilege/honor of “human companioning” our adopted canine son, Xander the giant schnauzer, again for three days while our besties enjoy a getaway weekend. It is super fun for us – Martin LOVES Xander (me too!), we get to “pretend” we live in another city (sort of) and it is just great to have a break in routine. It should be a blast.

The first order of business was a lunch date at Kumo, a Japanese sushi buffet. Lo and behold, it is right next door to a Weight Watchers drop-in clinic, so I weighed in for the week today BEFORE lunch (up 0.2 – I should have “tinkled” before I stepped on that scale!) Next we checked out a few movies (thirteen) from the local library – three weeks at no charge. Woohoo!DVDsI’m not sure if we will get them all watched; in fact, I think we may have checked out one or two movies we have already seen – but we have three weeks…

We took Xander for an hour-long walk today, and now it is time to start the movie-fest. I’m looking forward to the weekend – I have to work Saturday but otherwise,  the mini-staycation looks very relaxing and promising… Stay tuned!

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