Eat Sleep Play Love

So, last night was the first “overnight” of our three-day “human companioning” adventure with our favorite canine son, Xander the Wonder Dog. His real parents are our besties, Scott and Joe, who are enjoying a brief getaway this weekend. We have “staycationed” with Xander before – he is super smart, really loving, VERY well behaved and just an amazing dog all around.

That said, last night? A little rocky…

Scott and Joe have a beautiful home, and their guest room (affectionately nicknamed “The Rose Room” due to its decor) is pretty posh – cushy bed, great linens, loads of lighting and convenient to the loo. I have to admit, though – for one used to sleeping in a king size bed (me), the adjustment to a full size bad – especially when shared with my Beloved and our four-legged friend (who, I believe, weighs about 110 pounds!) is, well, an adjustment:bed sizesSo, yeah – if one references the chart above, imagine compressing me and MSW “down” by 22″ – roughly the thickness of me sleeping on my side (OK, I said ROUGHLY, LOL!) and then ADD a loving-but-curious furry friend who – as my Mom sometimes described it – is “busy,” and well, it was a sleeping adventure…

My Sweetie and I hit the sack about 11:40P or so and Xander was ready for bed, too. I think he was missing his real dog Daddies and was looking around a bit for them. Then his attention turned to us… He started out on MY side of the bed, then moved to the foot of the bed, then went looking again. He returned about 30 minutes later, this time standing on his hind legs and sort of doggie “kneeling” onto the bed, first stretching/stretching out and placing his head across my Sweetie’s waist, then crossing the room over to my side of the bed, doing the same. He was curious and excited and – I think maybe, weird as it sounds – overly-tired and overly-stimulated and wanted to sleep but couldn’t. Anyway, after another brief stint at the foot of the bed, he was off into the darkness and I fell asleep.

I thought we were safe…

At 3:40A, in what I realized was not a dream at all but reality, I came to realize there was a bit of pressure on both sides of my head and I thought I heard breathing. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, they came to see something like this inches from my face – giant Schnauzer faceThe dog pictured here is NOT Xander – Xander is even cuter and jet black (and camera shy!) So, Xander was standing on the bed over me, his feet beside my shoulders, his face inches from mine (I am a pretty sound sleeper, LOL!) And he was just looking. And waiting. For what, I am not sure, but it was cute and maddening all at the same time. Of course, when I asked him to get down and go to sleep, he obediently complied. Ugh… That dang dog!

Xander has been a real blessing in our lives. I never understood how complex pets were, or how attached one could get to them until I met Xander. My Angel LOVES Xander – I mean, he LOVES Xander. And I do, too. Xander is special. He makes us smile, he is silly, he is loving and he is simple.

Eat. Sleep. Play. Love. That is the BIGGEST lesson Xander has taught me. And I try and follow his example every day…

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