I’m Back (sorta’)

Yesterday I shared that my dear “vintage Dell” (it was running Windows XP so, what, probably 9+ years old?) had crashed… My Beloved MSW spent HOURS last night, trying to reboot it and restart it, all to no avail. Apparently I have a file that is “terminally corrupted, which seems to sound the death knell for my Dell (poetry!)


I am coming to you today via “borrowed laptop time,” courtesy my Sweetie (thanks Hunny Bunny!) Anyway, it seems the options are fairly cut-n-dry:

1. Buy a new computer (so sadly NOT in my budget at the moment), or

2. Execute a full reboot, which means there is a better than 50% chance I will lose everything I have stored on my hard drive which will (hopefully) resuscitate my desk top.

Do I need those 1000+ photos from holidays/vacations past, those saved emails from my Angel, those cute Skype screen snaps? Talk about an “easy choice,” right?

It has been a somewhat curious day today, what with being kinda’ “unplugged” from the internet. Not that it has been bad – quite the contrary. I spent the entire day with my Angel, unburdened by technology. It was almost liberating…

If you had asked me prior to yesterday if I “used the internet” a lot, I would have (I thought) honestly answered “No.” Truth is, I guess I am a bit more addicted than I thought. I haven’t decided yet what to do – risk losing everything on my old computer with the full reboot or risk lowering my credit score by going further into debt with an unplanned computer purchase. Whatever the decision, I do now know that I spend more time online than I thought I did/do.

Maybe there has been some method to the madness of the last 24 hours… 😉

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