What NOT To Say To An Interior Designer

I had another one again in the store today. All designers have met one – or more – of those “potential clients.” The conversation started innocently enough then took a horrible turn:

Me: Some standard greeting, small talk and pleasantries.

Her: “You all do interior design, right?”

Me: “Yes, we do. We do primarily residen… (she cuts me off with)”

Her: “Good. You know, I have been looking just FOREVER for…”

At which point, I shut down.

It doesn’t even matter WHAT she was looking for – a hot pink, king size, four poster Hello Kitty bed, a three-tiered brass corner table that is kinda’ Art Deco or that ONE lamp for her guest bedroom – you know the one – she’ll “…know it when she sees it.” Here is the ugly truth – if you have been looking just forever:

“WHATEVER IS IS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR DOES NOT EXIST. PERIOD. SO STOP LOOKING AND DON’T WASTE MY TIME OR YOURS.”flying unicornThen, sadly, as if her intro to the story were not turn off enough, she added insult to injury and “sealed the deal” with this additional remark:

Her: “I have looked and looked on the internet and I just cannot find what I want anywhere.”woman at a computerListen, I get it. We all “want what we want.” But (as pointed out in a number of previous posts), interior designers are not wizards or genies. We cannot close our eyes and “wish” your desires into existence. I mean, I want a transporter like they have in Star Trek movies. I want a car that flies, and I want a flying dragon. Sorry for me – all are no goes…dragon

So PLEASE – DO tell your interior designer what you want (and don’t want) and then, respect his or her professionalism and experience when they tell you that what you are seeking simply does not exist. I literally told the woman in the store today that I would be happy to take her money but it would be for nothing… She seemed disappointed with my honesty. Thing is, I guess I would rather be perceived as “lazy” than known as the “guy that took my money and didn’t deliver.” Thanks for listening…

3 responses to “What NOT To Say To An Interior Designer

    • Yes, I like that comment (“There really isn’t a budget”) as well as “I’m not sure what I want – that’s your job.” I do LOVE LOVE LOVE design but – some days? So challenging… Thanks for the reblog!

      • 🙂 well even when it is supposedly ‘unlimited’ it isn’t really. And then even if it is the designer may feel inclined to over indulge and then things may well get a little out of hand. maybe. Nice situation to be in i guess.

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