Friday Fantasy Favorites

So today, in what may-or-may-not become a recurring entry on my blog, I’d like to share one of my favorite fantasy things. The category “Friday Fantasy Favorites” casts a wide net so expect anything here. Today, it is an amazing light fixture from Lladro – yes, THAT LLadro – that I can only DREAM of ever owning/using on a project…

Chandelier 2

chandelier 3

chandelier 4The images shown here (courtesy Lladro) are detail shots of the unbelievable Niagara Chandelier. The fixture itself is irrelevant – what makes this piece AMAZING are the dozens of magnificently-detailed bisque porcelain “fairies,” suspended via fiber optic cording, each illuminated by a tiny LCD bulb. The shimmering cloud of figures, designed by Bodo Sperlein, must take your breath away in person – I know the price tag does! Issued in 2006 in what I am sure is a limited edition, I’m not sure if it is even still available. The price listed on the Lladro website is $60,000.00 US dollars.

Sigh… So expensive, and worth every penny, I’m sure.

2 responses to “Friday Fantasy Favorites

  1. Dear all, this chandelier in many sizes and many new different finish is still under production by Lladrò (Spain). Feel free to contact directly with the lighting manager there to ask for unlimited customization posssibilities as well as about dealers near your area :
    Congratulations !!

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