Brain Jello

We listen to a variety of music at work, coming to us through a variety of providers – Pandora, personal play lists, iTunes, etc. It’s nice to be able to have diversity in music – I mean some days you feel like losing yourself in Trance Radio and other days you feel more like jammin’ to “80’s Anthems,” am I right? Anyhow, today I selected “Today’s Smooth Jazz” as the channel that would be our background music.

After almost seven hours now, my brain feels like this:

brain jelloI mean, really – what the heck IS “smooth jazz” anyway, some sort of over-the-counter tranquilizer for your head? I have to admit, for the first hour or so, it was OK but at some point apparently I transitioned into a “Twilight Sleep” state and just now realized it is 5PM…

Today’s Smooth Jazz. Now available without a prescription on your favorite music service. Enjoy – but not too much…

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