Reflections on the Day

For those unaware, today is Good Friday (I bet most everyone knows that). For me – a person raised in the Catholic faith – today, and days like today, always feel “significant,” even though I have not observed the faith in many, many years. I left The Church because I could not reconcile its teachings with my own knowledge and concept of an all-powerful, all-loving force that guided the universe. I, in fact, often refer to this force as “The Universe.” Anyway, before I get too off topic here, let me just say that Good Friday has morphed into a day of personal examination and reflection for me. It is a day I like to reflect on my own life, how I live it, what is “good” in it and how I can make everything “more good,” not only for myself but for others, too (The Church teaches us as children to always be martyrs, LOL!)


I was off work today, and have enjoyed the entire day with my Beloved- and it’s not over yet! After I finish blogging, I will help him prepare food for our Easter celebration Sunday. We have a tradition of celebrating holidays together, just the two of us, creating our own traditions while honoring those we learned as children.

I must admit, having spent a lot of today thinking about my life and my year so far, it’s been pretty damn good. And I am thankful. My relationship (marriage!) is great, work is getting better every day, we have a lot of kick-ass friends and my family is as good as any other. So, yeah, this is a good “Good Friday” for me. I hope each of you is having a great day as well…

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