New Feature: Monday Memes

So, a couple things today…

At some point in the past two days, I surpassed 20,000 views on my little blog (20,209 as of this moment.) My 479 posts have been viewed in 119 countries around the world, and all countries have at least 2 views. So hooray for me, right?

I suppose the reason I am even bringing this up (other than my own vanity!) is that, while I guess most people that view my blog read/speak English, maybe some don’t. Which brings me to today’s thought: why not do a recurring post every week called “Monday Memes?”

I see SO many great memes every day – most are clever, short (so maybe easy to understand if English is not your first language?) and most come with sweet images, too. So I think I might give the idea a try… At least once, LOL!

For my first “Monday Memes” post, I have chosen the topic of happiness, or being happy. I know it is personally sometimes hard to “choose” to be happy, but I am working on it and I hope you will, too! Being happy is infinitely better than being blue. Or glum. Or miserable. I hope these memes will inspire you to choose happiness!


Makes You Happy

Minute of Happiness

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