Wash Over Me

After an especially annoying day yesterday, today has been a blessing. I have spent the entire day with my beloved MSW – we did everything and nothing, all day long. It was great…

I also put into practice a relaxation and de-stressing technique I use. Whether you’d name it “Going to your happy place” or “Water off a duck’s back,” it is essentially this: planting both one’s feet firmly, bracing for whatever “it” is that troubles you then letting it wash over you and finally watching it leave. My imagery always involves water; water has a calming, cleansing significance for me. I always imagine “it” rolling over me and when it has passed, the scene is serene, calm and beautiful. My “happy place” always involves a body of water. I like all the images below – they make me feel calm, at peace, thankful and centered.

I hope they have the same effect on you, too.


Calm Waters

Still water

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