Our New Beach House

I was off work today and among the zillion meandering things my Beloved and I did, we made our SECOND visit of the year to “our” beach – Mentor Headlands State Park. (We went earlier this year on an absolutely FRIGID, snow-and-frozen-everything day). Today was kinda’ nice – there were few people there but it was relaxing to walk the beach and hear the lake. It actually sounds a lot like an ocean – I mean, it IS a great lake after all, LOL! So we walked the beach, held hands a little (I know – so BOLD!) and checked in on “our spot.” The beach needs a lot of clean up before the season opens but it was pretty beautiful anyway…

Martin and I always joke about having a weekend house. I am sure it would be somewhere near water. And we have a lot of friends that make annual pilgrimages to The Outer Banks area every spring, so we always joke about having a beach house. Today we got ours… As we walked along the beach, there in the middle of essentially nothing, stood this amazing structure:

photo 2At first, it was a little hard to make out – and I swear to God, this was just standing there, exactly as you see it. No other footprints around, no nothing – just wood, wind, water and sand. Once we got closer, I found myself strangely excited but apprehensive at the same time (what if we found a headless goat inside?) But, once we arrived, it was hauntingly beautiful and pure – made, no doubt, by some other more industrious and inspired “beach walkers.” Martin and I each added a few more driftwood “planks” to the structure, enjoyed it and kept on walking…

photo 1In an odd way, I hope this structure is still standing the next time we go to the beach but I also kinda’ hope it isn’t. It was a magical moment happening upon it – I worry that if it “stays,” it will become corrupted and dirty. It felt so pure and simple and “right” today – does that make sense? So, in a way, I kinda’ want it to “go away,” to be but a beautiful memory that we two shared today…

That said, no matter what happens to this one, I think there is definitely some sort of beach house in our future. Stay tuned!

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