You Must Be This Tall (To Have My Life)

roller coasterThe image above definitely captures the kind of day I have had today. The day started awesomely enough when I received an email confirming that an order going to Acapulco, Mexico was a “GO!” and the monies were being wired to our account today. That order process has been a L-O-N-G one starting, oddly enough, with a private message about a post on Facebook from a woman I have never met (she’s in my “mob” in Mob Wars). Now, a few weeks later, after what seems like pretty many emails, that order is a reality. And – on top of it all – I made a new “friend” in Acapulco, a charming and beautiful woman that has been my contact since the beginning. (“Hi,” Bere!) So, good start to the day.

Then, the day hit the first “loop.”

A pretty big project we have literally been working on for probably ten months came to a grinding halt. It’s no one’s fault – a rather cataclysmic event happened at the building where the project was happening and everything has been “put on hold” for 90 days, till the current situation is resolved. Again, I adore the woman we are working with on that project and I think we were really, REALLY close to “closing the deal,” then life happened.

Is it frustrating? You bet! Can I be “mad” at anyone for the circumstances? That’s like being mad when it rains – it just happens…

The next loop? Another client I adore dropped by the studio to pick up her light fixture – a replacement light fixture, to be honest. The clients are a sweet couple, super nice and super understanding, and I was glad the supplier replaced their previously-defective fixture so quickly. That was till 30 minutes later, when I got the call from her husband that the replacement fixture had the same issue as the original fixture.

Hear that sound? It is me, digging through my desk drawer, looking for that hand gun. About 20 minutes after that phone call, I got the pictures in an email. Damn!!!

Then what? What? My business partner checks our bank account online as a joke to see if the Mexico money is there and, lo and behold, the wire transfer dollars from our Acapulco client are already here and PENDING deposit! Hooray! That was super fast, right? 🙂

Whew! The day finally ends and I hurry home to be with my Beloved. Things are looking up. We have a great salad, watch some TV, do a little homework, watch some Eurovision (more on that later) and now he is reading in bed as I am writing this. I love that guy.

Before I started writing this blog, I checked my work email box. Again, a miracle – the client I adore (the second one) spent some time “tweaking” his replacement light fixture (he is magic!) It is installed, it looks fantastic (he sent more pics) and he and his wife seem pretty happy. OMG. Thank The Universe this day is almost over.

Soon I will turn in for the night, too. Today has been one roller coaster of a day. I will be happy to slip in beside my Beloved and enjoy some sweet – and hopefully non-work-related dreams… Tomorrow is another day. ‘Night!

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