A Lovely Day

I have to admit – I like the word “lovely.” Number One, it feels decidedly “Brit” to me, as in a lovely spot of tea, or a lovely morning. So that makes it cool already. And Number Two, it is such a weird, archaic word in America that only gays and old ladies use it – for example, “My grandson sent me some lovely posies for my birthday,” orThose Hugo Boss sunglasses? Lovely.” Anyway, I had a lovely day today…lovelyI took today off from technology completely – well, for about twelve hours, LOL! – and spent the entire day with my beloved Martin. We visited Pop-pop (my father), brought him some Thai baked goods from Cleveland, brought in some Chinese takeout for dinner, ran a couple errands for him and just visited. It was lovely spending the day with the two men I love most in the world. Martin and I also placed flowers on my mother’s grave today, in anticipation of Mother’s Day tomorrow. Rather than some trite wreath of polyester flowers framing a “MOM” ribbon, Martin insisted we get a pot of living geraniums in the most beautiful maroon color – they were awesome. (Thanks, Sweetie!) I know Pop-pop was pleased, and I am pretty sure BeeBoo (my Mom) is pleased as well.


My high school AP English teacher, Ms. Arrington, always forbade use to use the word “nice” (too over-used and over-worked, she insisted) but honestly? I had a super nice day – no work BS, it was great being with my Pop-pop (he loves Martin almost as much as I do), I felt good that we were able to remember and honor BeeBoo (my Mom) for Mother’s Day and, all in all, it was a pretty kick-ass, lovely day…

I guess the thing that made really today a lovely day was that, at the core of the word lovely is LOVE – which is what I felt all day long today. Thanks, Universe – I needed that!

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