One Hour on Mother’s Day

Recently, I stumbled upon this graphic and immediately knew the person I would choose:

benchFor me, the answer is easy – my Mom. And today, on Mother’s Day, I really wish I could take The Universe up on this offer.

BeeBoo (my Mom’s nickname once the first grandchild came) passed away in November 2008. I miss her every day. My Mom and I were really close – she was my Mom and my best friend (I know that sounds so trite but it is true). I usually spoke with my parents every 2-3 days, and that usually meant I spoke with my Mom. The night before my Mom passed away, I didn’t call her as I was getting ready for an event at the store I own. My Dad was out of town, attending the funeral of an aunt in Florida and my Mom spent her last night at home alone, just watching TV and being quiet. I regret having not called her; in fact, as our event ended, I was looking forward to calling her and telling her all about it when I got the phone call that she had passed away. I cannot say that there is anything I wish I could say to her – other than that I love her like crazy – but I have always felt cheated that we never really got the chance to hug one last time and say see you later…

On Mother’s Day (like most days), I remember my Mom and miss her. BeeBoo always supported every decision I made, but let me know if she thought it was a bad one. BeeBoo accepted me and my friends, and at some periods in my life, I had some crazy friends. (Mom asked me one time why all my friends were such “colorful strays,” LOL! She never verbalized it but BeeBoo loved the gays). And finally, more than anything, BeeBoo always loved me – even when I was perhaps not so deserving of that love. BeeBoo was my larger-than-life fierce warrior goddess, all packed into a little round frame the size and shape of a 55 gallon drum. She was – and continues to be – an inspiration to me. My Mom had a bit of a rocky life for a while but never mentioned it, or used it as an excuse. She held her head up and plowed full speed into life, and taught me to do the same.

BeeBoo was an angel when she was with us, and I know she is an angel watching over me even now…

So, yeah, I’d like to have that hour to spend with my Mom. I talk with her in my heart a lot, but it would be nice to see her face, hug her and hear her laugh again. If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother with you, today I ask each of you to honor her by giving her a call, or stopping by. Time is precious. Time is fleeting. Don’t wish for an hour when you could have one today…

Happy Mother’s Day, Beeboo! I love you as much now as ever!

Thanks for being the greatest Mom any boy could ask for… KEMPF,ELIZABETHBTW, today marks my 500th Post – I’m glad you got to share this moment with me…

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