Monday Memes 4

Recently, someone stated emphatically that I “…had not heard what they said.” More accurately, they were implying that I had misconstrued their words and twisted them into an entirely different meaning. The situation made me kind of angry but – once again – reinforced to me why many transactions, especially business ones, need to be done via email, so there is a paper trail and conversations can be “fact checked” if necessary. I guess the age of “Gentlemen’s Agreements” and doing business with handshakes is long over.

Which all made me think about words – how we use them, what they mean, how that meaning changes with our usage, how words can mean one thing to one person and something entirely different to another. Words and language are fascinating to me and serve as the topic for my Monday Memes post today. Consider these memes, the words in them and the message in each. I found each meme to be quite profound. Enjoy…


On our skin


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