Why Now, Universe? Why?

There are SO many things in life I simply cannot wrap my head around – things I cannot comprehend, things like:

Why do customers walk into my store the SECOND my lunch is delivered every day?

Why does the phone ring the MINUTE I unzip my pants to piddle?

And the question bothering me at the moment –

Why don’t machines “last” forever?

Other similar-but-related questions include, Why do things break when I’m broke, or Why does stuff all fall apart at once, How come similar things fall apart at the same time and Is it the plan of The Universe to make me go crazy???Question Mark headRecently my decade-old computer broke. I’m sure you remember – I was devastated, but my husband and I managed to pull it together and we bought a new one. My Beloved was very supportive during the whole process. His reward? Regrettably, a few days ago, my BELOVED’S computer broke, too. Initially he feared it was due to a Malware attack. After spending days uploading this and downloading that, he has managed to revive his laptop but it now takes HOURS for anything to load. So it is kaput. To top it off, today at work during a particularly loud thunderstorm, I heard a thunder crash, our lights flickered ONCElike the blink of an eye flicker – and when the power returned, my computer at work was worthless. After a call to AT&T, it appears our modem got “fried.”

WTF? Is it me? Should I stop being around computers? Do I have some (unfortunate) power I am unaware of? It’s like I’m some worthless X-Man, maybe Techno-Breako? If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather have big wings…AngelI guess my even bigger question is how/why do machines “break?” I mean, how can something function perfectly for over a decade and, a breath later, cease working? No, it actually just stops functioning. Why? Tell me, Universe. WHY? What happens in a millisecond to a MACHINE – no heart, no lungs, no mortal parts – that makes it “stop?”

I used to think “The BIG Question” was did Heaven exist? I have come to realize the real big question is why do machines hate me so? Ugh. I’m off to watch some TV. Hopefully my “gift” will not make it break, too…Broken TV

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