Thursday Night Supper Club Update (051514)

I think I have shared before that my beloved Martin and I have a “standing” dinner date with three of our best friends the third Thursday night of every month – we have nicknamed that practice our “Thursday Night Supper Club.”  Tonight, Martin and I had dinner with our friends Paul and Jeffrey – regrettably, our “fifth wheel,” Beth, could not attend as she had friends visiting from out of state. I know, right? How DARE she have other friends, LOL! We all missed her…

busy restaurant

So tonight’s dinner was much like many others before it – burgers and salads shared between friends, nothing fancy. We laughed and talked and “caught up” and, after dinner? We were all bad and went to a soft serve yogurt joint and had four “small cups.”


There is something very comforting about being with old friends – you can just relax and be yourself. No pretense, no BS – you can bitch and cry and crab, or laugh and joke and giggle. On the BEST Thursday Night Supper Clubs, we do some of ALL those things. And it is GREAT!

Tonight I was reminded why good friends are special – to be honest, I think I have exchanged two or three Facebook “posts” and LIKES with Paul and Jeffrey since last month. I joke about it a lot but being grown-up sucks; life is really very time-consuming. The thing about GREAT friends, though, is whether you saw them yesterday or last year, it feels like you just spoke ten minutes ago. That is an awesome feeling.

friends logo

Martin and I sometimes joke that we need to expand our “Friend Circle.” I’m not sure – maybe instead of getting more friends, we just need to spend more TIME with the great friends we already have. I think the return on that effort would be infinitely greater that looking for more new friends. I had fun tonight; Martin did, too… Only  35 more days till our next get-together. I cannot wait!!!


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