Home Away From Home

Today, my Beloved and I started a week of “human companioning” again with Xander, The Wonder Dog. Xander is the handsome, brilliant and exceptional dog child of our besties, Joe and Scott. We have “kept Xander company” a few times now, while the guys have gone away for holidays, long and short. He is a joy to be with, my angel Martin LOVES dogs and it is always fun being somewhere new – for Martin and me, this is like a little “staycation,” a break in our routine and a bit of an adventure – sort of…

See, the thing is, Scott and Joe are such good friends that being at their house almost feels like being at our house (although their house has central air and a KILLER backyard). I mean, as I am writing this, Martin and Xander are playing downstairs and I feel as “at home” here as I do at our own apartment. And that is a nice feeling. Today feels like a great bookend to last night, when we enjoyed a fun dinner with two other very dear friends, Paul and Jeff. And, on top of these two events, I also received a lovely email from our friend Chris (of Chris and Reinhold/San Francisco) today, which was a total surprise – and a very nice one, too. (BTW, Chris – if you are reading this – I owe you a return email. Please stand-by.)

I often say that The Universe always takes care of Martin and me and – in the friendship department – we are VERY blessed. I feel lucky to count all these guys as our friends, and we have dozens more: Chris and Mike, Mike and Josh, Suzanne and Gina, Mary and Char, Beth (two Beth’s, actually!), and so many other friends. It is an amazing feeling to love and be loved by so many. I guess I always though that if you were  lucky, you actually might “have” one home away from home but, as I get older – cheesy as it sounds – wherever you have friends that love you, you are home.

I hope everyone is as fortunate and blessed as my Angel and me…


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