Retail Respect 101

My Mom and my sisters always said: “I wish men could go through just ONE menstrual cycle so they would know what it’s like.”

My wish? I wish everyone had to work just ONE eight hour shift in a retail store. Just eight hours. I bet the world would be a nicer place.


Today’s rant is not only a follow-up to my post from yesterday, but also a “shout-out” to follow small business owner Rachel K., who shared today about how she was abused by a client in her store for a long, L-O-N-G time. In my response to her, I mentioned that I always thought there should be a high school course called “Retail Respect 101” where students learned the following:

1. Retail salespeople are humans, just like you. They deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy. While they are there to “serve” you, they are NOT slaves to be abused.


2. Retail salespeople are often just as educated as you are; there is no need to talk “down” to them, or talk around them as if they are invisible.


3. Retail salespeople will more than likely do their best to please you – I mean, that is their job – but sometimes what you want simply does not exist.


4. Retail salespeople often put in long hours, on their feet, answering hundreds of questions but still have a smile when you ask yours. Give them one back. And finally,


5. Retail salespeople have ALL your credit card info once you make a purchase – do you think it wise to belittle them or piss them off?

credit cards

If I may, I would like each one of you reading this blog today to SMILE at the next retail salesperson you encounter – the gas station attendant, the counter guy at the dry cleaner, the pretty girl in Target you ask where the dish soap is – and remember, they are doing a job that has value, has merit and is needed. Pay it forward with the kindness and courtesy and I PROMISE it will return to you tenfold. Thanks!

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