My “Programs”

I’m not sure when it even happened, but it did so silently and without warning – I became my Grandmother. Let me explain…

Like lots of people, young and old, Mom-mo (my Grandmother) enjoyed watching television. She enjoyed soaps in the afternoon and primetime comedies at night. When I would call her and ask what she had been doing or would be doing, she often said, “Oh, Timmy, I just been watching my programs.”

My programs – that is what Mom-mo called her “block” of TV shows. She used to record them all on tape using a VCR  (she passed a few years ago), then would make some tea, cover up with a throw in her recliner, tissue box and phone on the table beside, and she would settle in and watch her programs. I used to love to hear her say it in her long, Tennessee drawl.

remoteAs I mentioned, my Mom-mo has been gone for about eight years now but I still think of her often and smile. So today, as I was talking to my beloved Martin about the rest of the week, I mentioned to him that we needed to record “our programs.” WHAT? Our “programs?” Good God, I am an old person now, LOL!

You see, we are “human companioning” Xander the Wonder Dog this week so, while we are at our apartment every day, we do not watch TV there. Hence, we must record our favorite shows for viewing next week. Our favorite shows – our “programs.”

RECORD_cropIt made me smile and laugh out loud when I caught myself saying the phrase my Grandma always used. It was a nice moment, and I felt very connected with her. The thing is, I’m a little worried…

If I already have “my programs” to watch at night, can Sudoku and/or Word Search books be very far behind?  😉

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