Perfect Tuesday

perfect dayToday is the last day of what was, essentially, a five-day holiday from work. My business partner and I have worked out our schedules so we have alternating weekends off and he was generous enough to also let me take today off, too. So, between a day spent outside the studio last Friday, a three-day holiday weekend and today’s “bonus” day, I feel rested and recharged.

I spent the entire day with my beloved MSW – we kinda’ “unofficially” decided to have a technology-free day, so cell phones and email were ignored all day (I am cheating a bit by writing this blog entry, LOL!) We did everything and nothing – saw the new X-Men movie (KICK-ASS, BTW!), did some modest shopping, shared a sub from Subway, came home and took a short nap and then watched some TV. He just brought me a freshly-made fruit smoothie (made with soy milk – gosh, he is so healthy) and I am sitting here, blogging away.

Sometimes the most perfect days are the simplest – we did nothing “extraordinary” today (although we did manage to spend less than $50 at the grocery, LOL). I spent a rejuvenating day with the guy I love, saw a movie and did some mundane shopping. And the day was fantastic! I would encourage each of you to have a “nothing day” as soon as possible. You will be glad you did. And if – like me – you are lucky enough to have someone to share all that “nothing” with, you are truly blessed.perfect day text

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