White Rabbit Friday

I was “off” today – I kissed my Beloved, told him “Goodbye for now” and left our apartment at 8:56A. I arrived home (on my “day off,” mind you) at 5:25P.

Listen, I get it – sometimes life, work, whatever demands (requires?) that we sacrifice our off days and work/do chores/whatever. I mean, it is a rare – actually non-existent – day that I spend in my jammies doing nothing. Really, I can forgive the loss of free time. I had a really productive day (although I missed my Sweetie a bit).

The thing that drove me BONKERS was that all day, I felt like this guy:

COELHO~1white-rabbit-with-watch-1White Rabbit 1Yup – I felt like The White Rabbit all day: “Oh dear! Oh Dear! I shall be too late!” It’s my own fault, though. Even though I hate being late, when I get to “jabbering,” well, there is often no other outcome than a day behind schedule… Anyway, it all worked out – my biz partner and I had a great day all around and now that my blog is done for the day, I can go veg with my Sweetie and watch some mindless TV. Gypsies or Amish, Bad Girls or Housewives? Decisions, decisions – ‘night!

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