Where Does It Go?

Today was a pretty spectacular day, for no particular reason at all…

My Sweetie and I slept in a little late, I took an important phone call around 11:15 AM, I did a couple of small projects for work, we watched a little TV, I took a three-hour nap (HEAVEN!), I ran out and bought some lottery tickets (we won $4 last week!), we grilled some burgers/had them over a salad, I called my Dad, we watched two season finales on TV (I know – we watch too much TV) and now I am writing this blog at 11:51PM. My Angel is reading in bed across the hall and I am here wondering where the day went?

Broken Hour GlassI had a beautiful, “chill day” but I am left wanting it not to be over yet. Where does time “go?” It’s a curious thing, time. I have always envied all the folks that flippantly remark they have “too much time on their hands.” I never have enough – on my hands, in my pocket, on the clock, anywhere…

Time is a hateful master. I always feel like I am racing against a clock – I never seem to have all the time I need to do anything. Maybe that’s how life works – we are busy and time just keeps on flowing, like some mighty, rushing river. If we cannot “swim” fast enough, I suppose we drown.

Maybe that is what happens to folks with too much time on their hands – they are drowning…

Anyway, today was awesome. I’d like to consider the whole “time thing” with greater thought and consideration but it is, sadly, time for me to go to bed. Food for another future post I suppose…

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