One Hurdle Cleared!

My birthday is Friday, three days from today. A “less happy” moment connected with one’s birthday festivities is that annual joy of renewing your license plates. Here in Ohio, part of that chore involves an emission check every other year (this is my year). And finally, on top of everything, every FOUR years one must renew your driver’s license.

This year? License plates, and an emissions check AND a new driver’s license for me. Hooray (not!)

So, the sheer inconvenience of it all aside, I have been FREAKING OUT for two reasons – one, my eyesight seems to be getting worse and worse, so I was worried I would fail the vision test portion of my license renewal. I had nightmarish visions of running out and buying glasses before Friday (like I can afford the exam OR the glasses).

boy with glasses(child pictured above is NOT me, but he is cute, right?)

Today I “bit the bullet” and took the license renewal test. I passed – HOORAY!!! Safe from lenses for four more years; one hurdle cleared…

Next up? The emissions test. I have been worried – and bothered – because my “engine light” has been on for months, even though two separate facilities have told me that light “…shouldn’t be on” (but it is, thank-you-very-much!) So, as I was walking out of the license bureau today, I passed/stopped in an auto parts store. My friend mentioned to me that many auto parts stores have a machine that can diagnose what is wrong/tell me why my light is on. Awesome.

The guy that helped me was super nice. He came out, plugged me in, and told me what he thought might be wrong. Then he suggested a fuel line cleaner that should help the situation. And finally, he asked if I wanted him to “reset” my trouble light. WHAT!?!?!?! Reset my light? Heck yeah!

Three seconds later, the light was off. After months of fretting, a new locking gas cap, two tests and incalculable hours of “hoping,” the light is off. Double awesome. An early birthday gift.

I am praying the light will stay off at least until I can get e-check’ed tomorrow. Everyone? Fingers crossed, please!

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