Tomorrow Is An Important Day

Friday, 06 June 2014 is a VERY important day for two reasons:

1. It is my 56th birthday (hooray!) and, even MORE importantly,


I cannot THINK of a better holiday to fall on my birthday!

national donut day banner


Sure, I am usually blessed with a pretty great celebration marking my birthday – I mean, even tonight, on my “Birthday Eve,” my beloved MSW surprised me with a dinner of grilled chicken kabobs, grilled avocados, a fresh baby spring mix salad AND my FAVORITE CAKE THAT HE MAKES FROM SCRATCH. It was all delicious (and there is a LOT of cake left!) But, gosh – I mean – tomorrow is both my birthday AND National Donut Day? Like, is there a parade or anything? A Miss American Donut Pageant (hosted by Mario Lopez, of course!) A “Blessing of the Beignets” at Our Lady of Peace? There must be some special event/s to mark this very special day.

So, whether you observe the holiday or not, I hope you will remember donuts tomorrow. And my birthday. Better yet? Remember my birthday WITH donuts tomorrow, LOL!


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