Looking Up


I know I have shared a few glimpses of my spirituality here before – I was raised Catholic, no longer observe the faith but respect it and now consider myself to be “spiritual” person. I often refer to what I acknowledge as the greater good as The Universe and, cheesy as it sounds, I consider myself a child of The Universe. However, unlike many traditional faiths, when I seek guidance or send a request to The Universe, rather than bow my head, I look up…

The-Night-Sky-by-Eric-Hinesimage credit: “The Night Sky” – Eric Hines Photography

Tonight, I am “looking up.” I have questions that need answers, a few hopes that need wings and honestly, I need a nod from The Universe that it is all gonna’ be OK. I’m sure my challenges are no greater than anyone else’s but (of course!) I feel like they are. You know, greater than everyone else’s.

It’s funny, having been raised within the Catholic faith, how the ideas and concepts we were taught as children stay with us our entire lives. With all respect due the faith, Catholicism seems very linear in its teachings – do this, don’t do this, pray, live a “good life” and, in the end, you will be rewarded with eternal life and love. It seems a very simplistic formula and one that I have found to be not entirely accurate or correct. At this moment in my life, however, I wish the A + B = C model of The Church were actually how life worked. I find the answers are not that easily “divined,” and that the “answers” seems to change frequently.

When I consider life and how our futures unfold and reveal themselves, I always see the classic magician’s scarf trick in my mind – you know, the gag where the magician pulls what looks like dozens of multi-colored scarves out of his/her mouth. They seem endless and yet, having seen the trick like a kahjillion times, I know that the magician always “speeds up the pull” as they get close to the end of the scarves. They want to have a big finish.

I am looking up tonight, asking The Universe to “speed up the pull” and get to it already…

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