Does Not Follow Direction Well

Yesterday I shared that I had been advised by someone whom I respect and admire very much to “make friends” with Helplessness. And while agree that this is indeed a sound course of action, I am not only a bit of a procrastinator, I also “don’t follow direction well.” Since grade school. I believe my first grade teacher, Mrs. Griffiths, told my Mom something like, “Timmy is well above average, a bright, well-behaved boy but slightly headstrong. He has a lot of friends but does not follow direction well and, in fact, sometimes resists authority.” 

Guilty as charged…

So today – even though I agree/know that turning Helplessness from my enemy into my friend is a wise move – I decided to spend the day with my old friend, Happiness, instead. (Making new friends can be SO exhausting, LOL!) Seems I haven’t spent a lot of time with Happiness lately and, as it turned out, we had a pretty great day together. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, Happiness can help me change my relationship with Helplessness. At least that is my Hope – OMG, look, another “H” thing!

I found this weird graphic today – I have no idea who or what these little devils are, who made them or what they “mean” but the sight of them did indeed make me happy. I hope they inspire Happiness in you today as well. BTW – Helplessness? I hope you enjoyed this free day; I’ll be “coming for your ass tomorrow.”

be happy

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