This Saturday? Perfect!

I kinda’ like the weekends – I mean, who doesn’t, right? Even so, today in particular is shaping up to be an exceptional Saturday. Why, you ask? For many reasons, but here are five…

1. This simple fact –

Closed on Sunday

Our store is CLOSED on Sundays, so I am looking forward to spending all day tomorrow with my beloved MSW.

2. The weather is “sickening,” and I am planning a walk after work with my Angel face…

park path

My Sweetie and I live very close to not one but THREE parks, and recently we have started taking walks together in the evenings – partially to get “healthier,” but mostly just to be together, away from phones, the internet and TV. It is nice…

3. Yup. That’s right – it’s time for chillin’ and grillin’ baby…


Inspired in part by our grill master besties, Scott and Joe, MSW and I have this exact little grill on our balcony at home. It is fun grilling burgers, chicken breasts and other goodies. Grilling = Manly. Grrrr, me grill man. Grrrr.

4. A movie night in.


MSW and I see a LOT of movies in theaters, but sometimes it is nice to just chill at home, eat popcorn out of a bag and catch up on movies we missed at the theater. Tonight? “Her” by Spike Jonze, with Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson. And finally, on the topic of chilling,

5. Just being with my Beloved.


No, that is NOT really a picture of us, LOL, but my Sweetie does love Friends. Anyway, the best part of tonight is just hanging with my honey. We have been together almost six years and I swear, I love him more every day. He is leaving for a five-week holiday in four days so maybe I am a little more “love-y” today than usual, but MSW is a special guy. And I am glad he’s mine…

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

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