Monday Memes 7

Today’s collection of memes is about challenges and obstacles, how we can meet them head on and move beyond them. I found all three of these messages and images very inspiring; I hope you do, too. Enjoy!

never be defeated

I like the “chin-up, things-are-gonna’-get-better” spirit of the meme above. It encourages us to push through setbacks and always keep moving forward. The meme below has a similar message…

making mistakes

I think it is always important to remind ourselves that we are imperfect beings, (hopefully) constantly working to improve ourselves and others. There is no failure in failing – true failure lies in not even trying. Finally, this last meme really speaks to me on a personal level…

love (1)This final image goes out to all my binational, same-sex couple friends, many who endured months and years of trials before finally being able to be together – and for the many still apart. Always remember the journey is worth the effort… Happy Monday, Everyone!

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