It’s So Quiet Here…

Today, my beloved MSW left for a five week holiday to Europe, to visit with friends and family while he is on summer break from school. He hasn’t been back to see his family in almost three years. I know he misses them.

He has barely been gone for three hours and I miss him…

We have been together almost six years (in August) that rascal and I. He is my everything and, while I am overjoyed that he is able to see his family and friends again, selfishly, I miss him. I love that knucklehead and – even better? He loves me back! Our apartment is kinda’ still tonight – I cannot feel him shuffling about, watering the plants on our terrace, or cursing at the DVR box as he tries to record TV programs for us to watch at a later date in the other room. His energy – his spirit – is noticeably absent tonight and, while I guess I anticipated and expected that, it kinda’ sucks and I still miss him.


I will miss seeing him smile every day when he wakes up. (He does – it is amazing!) I will miss that little “skip step” thing he does (When he is happy, I swear, he puts a little skip step in his walk – he doesn’t even know he does it, it is so darn cute!) I will miss him “helping” me drive, telling me which lane to use and to speed up or slow down. (I don’t know how I drove at all before I met him, LOL!) I will miss his motivation when we exercise (Today there was a horrible lightening storm/downpour – tomorrow, I have no excuse!)

two wheels

I will miss our morning coffees together (I barely even drank coffee before Martin came into my life). I will miss how he pampers and takes care of me (Tonight for dinner I made a peanut butter and sliced banana sandwich with honey – I’m not even kidding!) I will miss McDonald’s ice cream cones (He LOVES them – it’s the best 50 cents you can spend!) I will miss how he drives me crazy (And I am sure that I do the same to/for him).


I will just miss him…

If I have this whole “time-zone” thing correct, MSW will be at his (almost) final destination in about 7.5 more hours – then it is a 3.5 hour car ride to his final final destination. His family is waiting for him. His “new” niece that he has never met is waiting for him. His friends from college and his life in Europe are waiting for him. So I guess I can wait for him, too…

(I just hope 34 days pass quickly. Gosh, I am so selfish…)


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