It’s All Good

So today, around 6:30 AM our time, my beloved arrived back in his home country, where he was met by his brother and his wife and his little sister. It is the first time all four of them have been together since the last time they took MSW to the airport almost two years ago, for his return to America. A few minutes after they all met, and my Sweetie had his bags, they were – the four of them – sitting at a café in Warsaw, enjoying coffee drinks and each other. I know this because I got a quick Facetime call as it was happening. As much as I wanted to just stare into that phone and keep my Angel with me, it touched my heart to see his siblings and best friend, all laughing together, having fun just being together and doing essentially nothing.


I guess the part that really connected with me was the fact that here they were, The Four, sitting and laughing and acting like they had just done this (gotten coffee together) yesterday. I guess when friendship and love is genuine and sincere, it manages to erase time and allows each of us to always be in the moment. It is beautiful to watch and even more beautiful to experience. I have a few friends like that – friends that I won’t speak to for weeks, months, sometimes even years and when we next connect, it was as though no time had passed at all. Oh sure, we invest some time in catching up, but our genuine, heartfelt connection is there and always remains. It is a great feeling, being in the company of people you love and trust so much. It is comfortable, it is easy, it is supportive and nurturing. It is a relationship to honor, respect and cherish.PoohI do find it a bit ironic though that – at least for me – these friendships are the ones I pay the least attention to… Why? Because they are easy, comfortable and supportive. They do not require drama or demand my “attention.” As I move into my Second Fifty, it is these relationships I want to preserve and protect. I find myself weary of friends that take “work,” or friends that “need” attention. Sorry. At this point in my life, I am taking on LESS projects, not more.

So my MSW is safe with family and friends, in a place full of love and support, and I am glad. They will all have fun together, and have the chance to recharge and renew one another. And I think that is great. Circumstances prevented me from making the trip with him this year but next time? I’ll be going for sure! Get ready, Central Europe – I’m coming!!!

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