Four Hands Needed – And Thanks, MSW!

My Beloved MSW has barely been gone for two days and I already miss him like crazy. But – in addition to the loving, nurturing, supportive parts of him – I also miss him in the “extra unseen hands” way. Please let me elaborate…


I was talking about it with Scott M. today (one half of our besties). MSW is the first and ONLY partner I have ever had that not only takes care of himself, he also takes care of ME! I know – weird concept, right? A husband/spouse/partner/lover that is not only present in the relationship but also contributes MORE than the minimum required? Radical concept.


I’m ashamed to admit it, but – God – I might be one of those spouses that “…takes the little things for granted.” I think I do really well acknowledging and expressing thanks for the “Big Helps” (six loads of laundry, listening to me bitch incessantly about work, loving me AND my family, etc.) but fall really short on the “Itty Bits” (things like making us cups of coffee, recording the TV programs we enjoy, watering the plants on our terrace, etc.) I mean, again – two days in and I feel like I need every day to be about four hours longer so I can just get the REGULAR stuff done; forget about any special projects, LOL!


I joke about it, but it’s true: Martin is really, truly the first man that has ever loved me for me, as I am, and not only met me in the middle for our relationship but frequently crosses over onto “my side” and spends time working there. He is special, he is amazing and I love him… Maybe that’s why I married him!


Don’t get me wrong – I am missing him for a THOUSAND reasons, and none of them include dirty socks, LOL! I guess I just wanted to acknowledge in this somewhat public forum that I haven’t been as attentive to the everyday, small acts of love and kindness I receive from my one-and-only guy. I promise I will do better…

six billion

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