As a follow-up to yesterday’s admission that I missed my Beloved, and all the help he is to me, today yet another area has surfaced where I am kinda’ at a loss with my MSW away. Eating.

eatDon’t get me wrong – I have no trouble eating, believe me. It’s just that, with MSW away, I find myself looking at “Bachelor Meal Options” and wondering, what the heck? I mean, I started to make a salad tonight and piled the bowl full of enough lettuce for two. No worries, it was an easy fix – I put some lettuce back. But it honestly rattled me so much that I wound up putting ALL the lettuce back and nibbling on hummus and cucumber slices (I know – so healthy, right?)

The thing is, MSW is an awesome cook, and actually likes cooking. I, on the other hand, consider myself to be an above-average baker, but any regular “cooking” recipe that involves more than three ingredients, or has preparations instructions beyond something like “Microwave on high for 51/2 to 7 minutes; remove and let sit for 2 minutes” is beyond me. Beyond…


So yeah, I need to dial back on portions (or else eat the same thing for days), and remember I am The Lone Ranger for a bit. Don’t worry, I will be OK for sure. I mean, for those that know me in the real world, beyond the blogosphere, if those people are honest, they will agree I could go for some time without eating anything and be OK. Really OK. But I will figure it all out – I just need to buy things in reseal-able bags, as well as items that are individually-portioned (like ice cream sandwiches or Klondike Bars, LOL!)

I will manage – I always do. I’m thinking a lot of sandwiches and soup might be in my future, but no worries. Just like Gloria Gaynor, I WILL Survive. And I will have ice cream!empty plate

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