Monday Memes 8

With upcoming and unavoidable changes necessary in the very near future regarding my business (and quite possibly my future career path), I have been spending a fair amount of time lately pondering “success” – how it comes to a person, how it is measured, what the concept really even means and what, if anything, it is worth. Personal success? Professional success? These are both areas that I need to spend some time evaluating and considering – to borrow the catchphrase from Franklin Covey, I need to go inside myself and discover “What Matters Most.”

I found these few memes/graphics to be very inspiring. I hope they will inspire you, too. Oh, and BTW – if you have any keen insight into “success” and what is is/how it happens, please contact me. ASAP. Thanks!

Conrad Hilton Success Quote

like success


like success 1


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