Key Chain

I have never been a big fan of key chains. They always seem so big, or clumsy, or have a rubber great white shark attached that someone brought you back from their cruise to Guatemala or their trip to Costa Rica or something like that. Or worse, they have a plastic frame with a pic of you and your friend in it, taken when you were at “that” party in college. That party. Thirty years ago…

All that said, here is a key chain that I kinda’ connect with, especially today…

key chainMy Beloved has been away from me for a whole week now and, while I thought it would get “better,” it hasn’t. Not that it is getting any worse. I just miss him. I missed him fifteen seconds after he left and I still miss him that same way/much today. Sigh… I guess I am just pretty used to having that little guy around. And I miss that. I know he will be back soon, so I am OK, really. But I do kinda’ hope that old saying – “Time flies when you’re having fun!” – is true.

Sweetie? Hurry up and have a LOT of fun. Right away. A lot… 😉

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