Jars of Magic

I have held the image below on my desk top for weeks. I have always felt a very strong connection to it, but never really understood why, until today…

Jars of lightWhen I look at the image, I feel calm. It seems my life has encountered quite a few “bumps” lately, so it has been comforting to see this image glowing on my desk top, three little jars of sparkling light illuminating the darkness. I know I have shared here how patience is definitely not one of my stronger virtues, and how – at times – I fall into a very narrow, very linear way of thinking: this + this =’s that. But I think we can all agree life is anything but predictable – our futures constantly reshape and redirect themselves, changing from moment to moment, sometimes taking a wrong turn but hopefully, always traveling towards a rewarding goal. Life is magic like that…

I posted yesterday about change and, somehow today, the meaning of this image became clear to me. Each jar represents a different path, a different possibility, a little bit of magic. A few weeks ago, when this image presented itself to me, I guess I would have to say that my “jars were dark,” maybe full of inky black goo or something. I could barely see the path, let alone imagine different options to take along its course. Today I can see a number of inevitabilities, each one bright and sparkling, like the contents of these jars. I’d like to thank The Universe for letting me finally “see” that which has been in my face daily for weeks. It has quite a perverse sense of humor at times, The Universe, but I’m glad it does…

As far as the image above goes, now that I have finally grasped its meaning, it is time for me to metaphorically “grasp a jar,” and pour that bright, sparkling light over me. Here goes…

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