Oh bother…

Lately I feel like such an old curmudgeon – I kinda’ just want to stay home, by myself, and do nothing. I am not depressed, or lonely or agoraphobic (Google it). The fact is, I enjoy being by myself; I can get lost for hours “doing nothing.” I have like 1000 tiny projects to get done – most requiring probably only 10 or 15 minutes – that I can never seem to find the time for, things like: potting the plants I bought (now) two weeks ago that are still out on our balcony, mending my cute penguin PJ bottoms that have a hole in the crotch (I know, “crotch” – such an ugly word) – the PJ bottoms that have been laying on the bed in our guest room for honestly about 18 months now (since Christmas 2012!), hanging the cute postcards in the little glass frames that have been arranged “on the floor” in our guest room for 3 weeks or so (our guest room sees few guest, LOL!), all these things and probably like 997 more.

The good news? Tonight is the eve of a four-day holiday weekend for me. The bad news? It is a four-day holiday weekend so I am obligated to “have fun” and “celebrate the long weekend.” In the inimitable words of one of my favorite literary characters, Winnie-the-Pooh, “Oh bother.”

oh botherYou see – I know I have shared with you all before – I all but dread holiday weekends, with their inherent demands of “having a good time.” Believe me, I am all for fun, but it is fun for me to spend a day doing mindless tasks – PJ mending, plant potting, picture hanging – all these “tedious” chores actually bring me joy. I often wonder if there is something “wrong” with me; my Beloved and I have AMAZING, gracious and generous friends, friends that enrich our lives and make us feel loved. I/we are very lucky that way. So I guess I feel guilty sometimes that I’d rather spend the day shuffling around the house in my PJ’s (not the hole-y crotch ones), or go out walking for two hours with only keys in my pocket and nothing in my head. Is it wrong to want to live so simply and quietly?

I am kinda’ busted this weekend. Turns out I will be working on The Fourth (tomorrow) for a large part of the day, Saturday I have family plans, Sunday I will be spending the day with our besties (and hooray! for that) and Monday I am starting a new personal endeavor that will occupy a large part of the day (more on that later). So my four-day weekend is full already, but not completely overwhelmed with “holiday fun demands.” And that is OK by me…

Who knows? I may still find a spare 15-20 minutes in there somewhere to re-arrange my lower kitchen cabinets and find a place to store the round cheese board with the glass dome, the one my Sweetie and I bought on a whim for no good reason. If not, that’s OK.

The domed cheese board has only sat on our kitchen table for about two months. The penguin PJ’s are still in the lead…

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