Why I Blog

Today has been pretty busy one for me, work-wise, so I was worried that I might not have enough “steam” or “experiences” today to make/inspire a worthy blog post. My concerns were dismissed, however, when my friend Genna posted this graphic to Facebook earlier; it was as if my blog post for the day had written itself!

writeI am not sure of the source of this text, or if those are some “random nails” or actually belong to my friend, Genna. Regardless, this brief passage REALLY spoke to me, and spoke also to the reason/s why I blog every day. To be honest – and no offense – I really blog for no one other than me. Do I wish I had a bahjillion followers and had ways/supporters to “monetize” my posts? Maybe, but I don’t think so (or else I would have figured it out). I write because I have always wanted to… I write because I am a creative person, and whether that gift is channeled into design, or art or writing, I am compelled to create. I know that sounds all lofty and arrogant but it isn’t meant to be, it’s just the truth. And, when considering all those noble reasons listed above, I simply write to become the best version of myself.

I am lucky; I think too few people have the luxury of investing an hour or more of their “every day” into creating things and exploring their own thoughts. It can be challenging at times, that daily commitment, but it is so worth it. What started as my little “365Project” in January 2013 has blossomed into a daily commitment to reflection, examination, (hopefully) learning and growth – and the commitment to create. You know how some people jog or meditate or kick-box every day? How that activity keeps them centered and gives them “an outlet?” Same thing here, only I write and, in doing so, I refuel my soul.

I hope my little blog can also inspire or give comfort, inform and/or incite – these are also things important to me, things that form the essence of me. At the very least, I hope some days my posts make you laugh. I have had a few people suggest I do a more “focused” blog, like on design, or politics or whatever. Yeah, again, I suppose I should, maybe. But my life is a little less-structured and definite, so it seems only fair my blog should be “of wider scope” as well. Thanks for checking in on the roller coaster here at five – a blog. I hope you are enjoying the ride; I am.

One response to “Why I Blog

  1. Blog post update: I have confirmed that those ARE my beautiful friend Genna’s nails in the image, and the passage pictured above is from the book “Lean Forward into Your Life: Begin Each Day As If It Were on Purpose” by Mary Anne Radmacher.

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