Monday Memes 10

Recently I have been in a very introspective state, questioning and considering what is “important” and what “matters,” how I want to “live” and what is maybe “holding me back” from really jumping into the pool of life and, frankly, just having a freaking ball, splashing around, getting soaking wet and letting go/enjoying it all. As is so often the case, fear seems to be the enemy I am facing. And, as always, social media seems to be The Universe’s means of sending me gentle (and sometimes not-so-gentle) messages and hints.

Here are a few of the memes/graphics that have slapped me in the face lately – I think you will see the thread that connects them all. I hope these words and images speak to you as they have spoken to me. Enjoy. And – BTW – who woudda’ ever thunk that I’d be sharing the words of Tupac Shakur? Not me, by gosh.


dead at 25

fear prevents life

experience life

die while we live

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