white noise

Frequently, writers and bloggers face “writer’s block,” or “the blank page.” They cannot generate a single thought, idea or topic to share, or explore or consider. They are “empty.”

Today, my situation is quite the opposite; I have SO many thoughts and ideas to share and examine that I am having trouble distilling one down into a post subject. If you are old enough, you can maybe remember when TV stations “ended their broadcast days” and the screens went blank, filled with “snow” and “white noise.” That’s what’s in my head tonight:

whitenoiseI have too many things running thru my brain tonight, not the least of which are thoughts of my Mom. Tomorrow would have been my Mother’s 77th birthday (she passed away in 2008). I think about her almost every day and, most days it’s OK. Some days – like tonight and tomorrow – it is/will be harder. So like those old TV stations of yesteryear, I am “signing off” for today and will “resume regular broadcasting” tomorrow. Thanks for understanding…

2 responses to “white noise

  1. I hope you have a restful rest of the night. I know what it is like to have so many thoughts in my head, but then I love to spill them with free thought posts sometimes. Thought… it can be dangerous. 🙂

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