I Beg Pardon, Your Higness…

I understand why interior design gets a bad rap. Sometimes, we design folk can be arrogant bitches – not only to clients but to each other, too…

Today I was shopping an “off-price home goods store” for a project on a very tight budget – a model, really, for a (primarily) senior living facility. A very upscale, very tony, senior living facility (just because they are upscale doesn’t mean their budget is, LOL!) Anyway, as I wheel my cart around the corner, looking for a dozen “faux lemons” for the kitchen, I hear this:

“Oh, doing some shopping for the store? (meaning the retail store I co-own with a partner).” I recognized the voice – it was a fellow Cleveland interior designer whom I have known for probably fifteen years or more. We have always been friends and I was actually excited to see him.

“No,” I laughed. “I’d never buy anything here for the store, silly; I am actually doing some accessory shopping for a model we are doing…” He cut me off mid-sentence.

“A model? Ewww. I don’t DO models.” I sensed disdain in his tone, some I-am-better-than-that attitude as he spoke. “Oh yeah. Me? Models? Never. NEV. URR. EVER.”

I thought to myself, “Oh, is that so, Your Highness?” I wanted to say something really cutting and nasty back…

dark-blue-regal-armchair-ThroneInstead, I simply said this: “Really? Gosh, I guess I just love design too much. Dollhouse or doghouse, heck, I’ll design anything. I love it.

He simply looked at me, aghast, then uttered his parting shot: “Well, good luck with that.” And with that curt response, he left to join his friends…

I won’t lie – his remarks kinda’ “stung” in the moment. I felt like chasing after him with my dozen faux lemons to remind him that:

1. He went to the same college for design that I did (Dean’s List every quarter here, BTW – and a 4.1 GPA!) .

2. What’s with all the attitude? He was shopping in the SAME store I was shopping in – oh, yeah, but “Not for a model.”

3. While he is successful, I don’t think any of his clients are flying him to Belize to “do” their summer homes.

The interior design process is still, I fear, generally regarded as an expensive and intimidating experience. And while it can be both – intimidating and expensive – there are a LOT of really great, hard-working interior designers out there – like me! – who are not only affordable and pleasant to work with, we also strive to make the process enjoyable for clients and attack every project as if were going to be our best one ever.

I apologize to anyone that has ever been design “snubbed” by some attitude-iny (is that a word?) interior designer. It is an awful feeling; I know firsthand.

Get in touch with me. Dollhouse, dog house or your house, we will have fun! PROMISE!!!

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