Saturday Nite w/Friends

cute-friendship-quotes-good-times-crazy-friends-amazing-memoriesI know this post is SO LATE for Saturday but – I worked 9A till 5P, came home, showered and changed into party duds and by 5:55P, I was waiting on the curb in front of our apartment. Our besties Scott and Joe came by and picked me up – and “bestie-in-training” Todd was also in the car. We all attended a fundraising dinner in Little Italy, hosted by the most AMAZING and generous LGBT allies. I had a lot of fun at the fundraiser (maybe it should called a fun-raiser?). Having hosted similar dinners myself in the past, I know the time, effort and dollars they demand. The evening was nearly perfect – only ONE thing could have made it better. My Martin… 🙂 

The party was fantastic but that wasn’t the best part. Don’t get me wrong, the food was fantastic – and plentiful. PLENT.EE.FULL! The hosts have an extraordinary contemporary home – five levels with outside spaces on three – that is chocked full of great art, wonderful furnishings and amazing finishes. But you know the absolute best part of the whole evening? Being with my best friends, among a group of fascinating, open and friendly peeps, just hanging out. I made a few new friends, saw some old friends I hadn’t seen for a while and – embarrassingly – had two people confess to me that they read my little blog daily (Thanks Diane, thanks Todd!) It was a beautiful evening, and the perfect ending to a very long week at both my “works” as well as a pleasant distraction from missing my one and only Martin… 

I’m a lucky guy. I have an amazing spouse, great friends and a life that – while challenging at times – is pretty awesome, Thanks, Universe!Friendship-quotes-List-of-top-10-best-friendship-quotes-14   

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