185 Minutes

As I write this post, my beloved MSW’s flight is scheduled to arrive here in Cleveland in exactly 185 minutes. My husband has been away on holiday to visit family in Europe since 18 June – 34 days. And while I am super-excited he got to be with his family – he hadn’t been home in almost three years – I  have missed him. Like, A lot… I know it will sound all cheesy and cornball but he really is my soul mate; I feel an emptiness when he is away from me that is unsettling, uncomfortable and unrelenting. It is as though my hands were gone, or my eyes or legs – I just feel incomplete without him near. To paraphrase a classic movie line, “He completes me.”  He makes me a better version of myself, and when he is not around – to challenge me, to support me, to just hold my hand when needed – I miss him. A lot…

teddy bearsI am a lucky guy – WE are lucky guys. After overcoming what at times seemed like insurmountable odds, seems like we have finally made it. In a little over two weeks, we will celebrate not only our one year wedding anniversary but also six years of love, trust and support together. I hate to sound smug or “look-at-me-ish.” but that is pretty kick ass. Thanks, Baby Boy, for always believing and being loving. I love you; you are my Angel…

Gotta’ run – only 172 minutes left to go!

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