Did I “Miss The Memo?”

Even before the series “Mad Men,” I fantasized about working in advertising. Truth be told, when I was little, I wanted to grow up and be JUST like Darren Stevens on “Bewitched” (but I always fantasized about being married to a handsome warlock – NOT Uncle Arthur and certainly NOT Dr. Bombay, LOL!) Anyway, I find the field fascinating and, as I do the promotional pieces for the little business I co-own, I pay attention to advertising trends and techniques in order to, hopefully, make my own efforts more effective and successful.

The basic tenet of advertising – the ultimate goal of any successful ad man (or woman!) – is simply this: Present a product, good or service, in such a way that you (the consumer) cannot live without it. The ad exec’s job is to SELL something… Tonight I heard a radio advert that actually made me laugh out loud. I mean, who thought this up? Note: the following text is being recreated from my memory so – while it will be pretty close – it may not be perfect.

“Set a glamorous table with tantalizing avocados from Peru. Now at the height of the harvest season, these exceptional Peruvian avocados are currently available at blah-blah-blah.”


WHAT? Who the hell wrote THAT copy? I wish you could have heard the voice talent’s silvery smooth delivery of “glamorous table” and “tantalizing avocados.” And Peru. Puhhhhhhh-Roo. He almost purred when he said it. He made it seem so exotic and otherworldly, a fitting home to a tantalizing fruit/veggie that somehow turns plain get-togethers into glamorous affairs. I mean, c’mon…

Glamorous table? A dinner party attended by Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Lupita Nyong’o – THAT is a glamorous table. Tantalizing avocados? Listen, to me avocados are guacamole in its “natural state” – before it is creamed and seasoned and served with warm chips. Tantalizing? My husband is tantalizing. Zac Efron is tantalizing, as is Joe Manganiello.  Avocados? Yeah, not so much… And Peru. Puhhhhhhh-Roo. That is a country in South America, right?  wink wink

So, yeah, my as-of-yet-unfulfilled dream of becoming an ad exec aside, do you suppose those guys ever really listen to the tripe they pitch/spin, then broadcast to the masses? This radio spot in particular did NOT inspire me to rush out and buy avocados, or host a glamorous dinner party where avocados are “The Main Event.” It did, however, prompt me to start craving blue corn tortilla chips!

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