Adulthood Myth Debunked – “Saturday Night”

A quick review of my Facebook news feed lets me know what our friends are doing on this “Saturday Night” – or, “Date Night” if you prefer. One couple is at Blossom Music Center, enjoying The Cleveland Orchestra. One couple is having dinner and then a night of gambling at our hometown casino. One couple appears to be indulging in some homemade sangria with friends (quick note – I have personally enjoyed that homemade sangria at Blossom with friends mentioned above  – it is AMAZING!) Another couple posted a pic of the hearty steaks they were enjoying, along with their wine “pairing.” Any/all of those evenings look awesome and I am really happy for all our friends… Now what my Beloved and I are doing?

Going to bed at 10:30P, listening to the rain fall outside our window. Actually, that is a bit of a fib – I “took a nap” after dinner about 7:00P, at some point around 8:30P or so my Beloved snuggled up beside me, and now I am popping off this quick blog post before returning to bed to rejoin him there. So much for our big “Saturday Night Date Night,” right?

Myth debunkedThe truth is, Saturday Night should be about what ever you want it to be about. We have both had long weeks – I have worked 5 out of the past 6 days, with a whirlwind trip to Columbus for a family matter occurring on the sixth day of that week, while my Angel traveled six time zones and 5000 miles to come home from Europe just nine hours before making that whirlwind trip to C-Bus with me. It has been an exceptionally busy and taxing week: somehow, the act of turning in at 10P on a Saturday night, listening to the rain fall as I drift off beside my forever guy seems, I don’t know, deliciously self-indulgent.

When I was a child, I thought that “being an adult” meant that I could stay up as late as I wanted and do whatever I wanted. Now that I AM an adult, I have come to appreciate that maybe going to bed at 10P on a Saturday night after doing nothing but sharing dinner with the guy you love is really the best way to celebrate Saturday night.

Speaking of, I better get back to sleep. ‘Nite, y’all! Happy Saturday!

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