Make Mine a Jumbo Venti Grande DeLuxe – WITH Cheese

It is now past midnight – my “Sunday” blog post is technically late so I will make this one brief. All in all, I had an awesome Sunday – my Sweetie and I got up, drove to Shelby, visited with my Dad/enjoyed lunch with him, did a VERY small amount of “off-price shopping” (we scored a pierogi press kit – three sizes! – for under $5!) and ended the evening visiting with our besties for an hour and a half. On the way home, we decided to visit a fast food restaurant to just grab a quick sandwich. We stopped at a national restaurant chain, famous for their roast beef sandwiches, and enjoyed two tasty reuben’s.

Reubens. At Arby’s – the roast beef restaurant with corned beef. And I guess that is where my bitch of the day comes in… When did fast food restaurants become so diverse? I mean, burger joints sell chicken, chicken places sell roast beef, Chinese buffets (sort of fast food) serve pizza – what the hell? Is it just me, or does a sight like this, viewed from a car drive thru lane intimidate you as well? Especially if there are cars BEHIND you? Heck, I always order McDouble’s at McDonalds because I have never taken – or even had! – the fifteen minutes to invest in reading their menu to see what the hell they are offering now:


And as if just READING the menu boards weren’t enough, try deciphering the “menu speak” – I mean, what happened to small, medium and large? Now it is venti or grande or “make it a meal.” It’s too much to process, and way too confusing… I guess I long for a “simpler time,” the time of Big Macs and single cheese everythings, of two piece fish dinners with chips or a foot long coney and a tall root beer.

Don’t get me wrong, our reubens at Arby’s were delicious, even if they did take two attempts to make them correctly… When they first filled our order, we got two TURKEY reubens by mistake. See? Even the RESTAURANTS don’t know what the heck they are serving!

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