Do You Hear What I Hear?


I spent a much needed day today with my Beloved MSW at our favorite beach – the weather was not too bad, the beach not too crowded and the water not too cold. We went for about four hours, just laying in the sun, saying nothing, reading magazines, bobbing in the lake water and hunting beach glass along the water’s edge.

It was a perfect day.

I worked six days in a row last week, and am looking at six MORE days in a row in the coming week. My life is busy right now, and sometimes the “noise” in my head – clients, customers, heck, just life in general – gets a little “loud.” So, second only to spending time alone with the guy I love today, the fact that I was “disconnected” for virtually the whole day (no phone, no email, no text messages) was flippin’ spectacular. I sometimes forget that not everything needs to be immediately addressed, and that sometimes the most important conversation you can have involves no words at all… Just “being” with the one you love is all that is necessary.

I’d like to thank The Universe for the “break from life” I enjoyed today, and respectfully ask that I have another many more soon…

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