Ladies, Please – No Claws

In case you somehow don’t know, I have been gay my entire life (surprise!) My sexuality has usually led me to spend MUCH more time in the company of men, both socially and professionally. I “get” men (I mean, I AM one after all).

Women are a mystery to me. I cannot understand them. They are a COMPLETE puzzle for me, emotionally. The reason I even mention this is because I now work with six women, ranging in age from early twenties to (honestly) early seventies, and every day is like living an episode of “The Bad Grils Club/CLE.”

I mean, why are ladies so mean to one another?


All the ladies are lovely, and I enjoy working with each one but honestly? It is like spending a shift with 2-4 eight-year-olds…

“Did you hear how she spoke to me?”

“I don’t care for how she looked at me.”

“She thinks she knows everything – she is not MY boss.”

Ladies, please – help me understand. Whenever I am in the presence of more than two women, a “struggle for dominance” happens. I have never seen men act like that (honest) but ladies seem driven to claw their way to “alpha dog.” It is hard to watch (although, at times, it does make me laugh). I just stand back, wait for the smoke to clear, and get on with my day.

But my lovelies, really – SO much energy wasted over who “…didn’t recycle the cardboard?” C’mon, now. Play nice…

One response to “Ladies, Please – No Claws

  1. It took me 40 years to find a group of lady friends that aren’t completely insane. A large number of females are high-maintenace, the majority being so due to the monster “INSECURITY” issue and crazy hormones that rip our mind apart on a daily basis. It’s not pretty. It’s not easy. In a jam, smile and nod. Good post.

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